Thursday, April 6, 2017

Eating out

Bill Bryson’s I’m a Stranger Here Myself is a collection of witty columns that tends to poke fun at everyday life in America. He does not mean to make fun of America, and usually he just makes fun of himself. He talks about everyday problems and addresses himself as an outsider in the awkward situations. I can personally relate to the chapter about restaraunts. Bryson is horrible at ordering food and always finds himself being rude and annoying to the waiters. My dad is the worst person to go out to eat with. He always picks the worst discussion topics, does not know what to order, and always has something to say about the waiter. He has been caught making jokes a few times due to his poor volume control and poor timing (he always seems to wait until the food is arriving.) There is was also an incident where he snapped at a waiter. He always snaps at my brothers and i to pick something up or hand something over. It had become so common that he did it to a complete stranger as a reflex. I’m happy to say that he rarely snaps anymore.

            Bryson’s humor seems to be based around the misery of everyday life. He tends to whine about the little things, but always makes a joke at the end. He also is constantly viewed as an outsider living in a world where everything is either different or disappointing. This viewpoint can be what makes him funny, by simply giving his perspective as an outsider. We have all been excluded or uncomfortable, so his columns are all interesting and relatable.

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