Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Madea the Bulldozer

I was a little confused when I began reading Tyler Perry’s, Don’t Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings. I naturally thought that Tyler Perry would be narrating, or sharing commentary on the problems we face in life. After I realized that it was an elderly woman speaking…things started to make more sense. As a successful actor, director, and writer, it is clever of him to create this character. It allows him to say things that a respected man might not be able to say comfortably, but a sassy old black woman paves the way so the conversation can go a little deeper. I found Madea’s lifestyle and commentary is very funny. Tyler Perry slips in several jokes that touch base with many of the theories of humor that we have discussed. I also found the character Madea to just be funny in general. A large, loud old lady that says, does, and eats whatever she wants is just entertaining. It is interesting how her bulldozer personality is funny, and it is clever because it allows Perry to take the conversation down pretty much any avenue.

I found several of the sections of Tyler Perry’s sections to be funny, and saw that they related to the theories we discussed. Everyone likes to do a little homework on the person they are in a relationship with. Madea takes this to a whole new level. I felt a little uncomfortable when my girlfriend told me that she was snooping around on my old Facebook posts, but Madea claims that you need to talk their kindergarten teacher to see If they were standing like a man or crying on the first day(Perry 54). Perry is obviously playing with scale and overdoing the amount of research necessary, and this is honestly one of the least extreme ideas he has for relationships. I also thought that this book is relatable. Everyone knows that one friend that can eat whatever they want and still look like a toothpick. When Tyler Perry started talking about Madea’s diet I immediately thought of my friend Noah. I’ve been friends with Noah for around 10 years and he has always been extremely annoying when we eat. He eats so fast and so much, it gets pretty disgusting. He often challenges me to eating contests if we are out eating wings or he just challenges himself to eat another Chipotle burrito. Madea’s idea of exercise and eating is so absurd, but Tyler perry does have a point. People shouldn’t worry so much about what they eat or how they look and enjoy themselves every once and a while. While Tyler Perry’s Don’t Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earring is a little absurd, it comes with a few serious life tips.


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